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  1. Hi Tariq –

    I am looking to use one of your photos on a clients brochure – we will of course pay you for this,

    Please let me know how much you would like as we would really like to use it on the front cover – its only a small startup so please bear that in mine when costing!


  2. Tariq,

    You have Nitin, Karen and Kevin here. We were recently perusing around the desktop wallpapers and found your city lights wallpaper to be a soothing and tasteful visual delight. While our enjoyment of your wallpaper was attune, our collective opinions regarding the origin of your masterpiece was not. Specifically, we could not agree upon whether or not your art work was a photograph? If so, did you do any editing after you took the initial photograph? We have been debating for what seems like hours.

    You can reach us collectively at Also, will new photos from a city light type genre be coming along soon? You have some excited fans!

    Best regards,
    Nitin, Karen and Kevin


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