About Me

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. Any views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer(s).
Im a Director in the PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Group and lead the Silicon Valley Cybersecurity practice specializing in security strategy, threat & vulnerability management, penetration testing and cyber breach response.
Before joining PwC, I was a Security Engineer in the eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft Research, working on High Assurance Trusted Computing, Virtualization Security and Cloud Computing Futures.
Before joining Microsoft, I was a security researcher in the Information Security Group at the Royal Holloway University of London where I did my Masters in Mathematics (Cryptography). My adviser was Professor Chris J. Mitchell.  I worked with Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Research on various platform and operating system security initiatives.
Even before, I was working with NCR Corporation as a security consultant working on payment systems security for various Financial and retail clients in EMEA. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) Pakistan.
– [Patent] Key Management using Trusted Platform Modules; Microsoft Corporation
– Trusted Computing for Guest VMs with a Commodity Hypervisor; Microsoft Research, Jan 2012.
– Towards a Programmable TPM; Trust 2009 Second International Conference on Trusted Computing, Oxford, UK.
– Extending Secure Execution Environments; Technical Report Department of Mathematics, University of London.
– A virtual programmable trusted platform; Search Security Tech Target Magazine. June 2009.
Opensource projects
RemCom http://sourceforge.net/projects/rce/
Pentesting & Incident Response Scripts
consolidating / moving to github.

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